Stories from the Line: Cheaper Show 2011

This summer a PHD student in Vancouver braved the crowds and long hours of standing in line to buy two of my paintings at the Cheaper Show. She wrote this exciting (and flattering) blog about the whole experience on The Academic Romantic. Maybe next year I'll get in line too.

The Cheaper Show; or, "anyone who's been here all day knows what they want"

Anyone who's been to my flat lately has seen my half-finished big painting that dominates the living room. I last blogged about it here and here. The inspiration for this painting has been the work of my favorite Vancouver artist, Fiona Ackerman. As I am a PhD student/gymnastic coach (read: controlled perfectionist) I really admire the freedom in Fiona's paintings: the big movements, the courageous colours, the wild drippings and the willingness to paint over, again and and again.

I first saw Fiona's stuff at the Culture Crawl two years ago, with my then-flatmate J. That was when we saw our first David Robinson sculpture, too-- and promptly met a guy at the Wilder Snail who has Ronbinson's "Suspended Figure" in his kitchen window. Anyway, it was my introduction to the Vancouver art scene, and I still have Fiona's postcard pasted in my journal.

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