Oeno Gallery

"Hunt the Dog", oil on canvas, 75" x75", 2007

The kids are back in the County. This painting, "Hunt the Dog" is based on an old photograph taken of my aunt and uncle when they were kids, on the farm where they grew up in Prince Edward County (ON). Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Ackerman farm, a beautiful piece of land where generations of children, including myself, spend endless summer days running free.

Under the watchful eyes of a series family dogs, we played and explored the countryside- returning home when the sun set. Independent and on the edge of danger, the outdoors was our home. It was the site of our socialization. Loyalty, betrayal, sympathy, trust all played out in each growing season by a clan of kids, bent on mischief.

This week the painting came home to the County. I am very pleased that it now hangs (with a number of other pieces) at the Oeno Gallery.