Collaborative painting with Zoe Pawlak at our show CLEARLY SEEN at On the Rise in Vancouver

For the month of February Zoe Pawlak and I have the On the Rise Gallery on South Granville. Though its nice to spend some time wearing high heals, we decided to get our hands dirty and painted a new piece together, in front of the gallery over the span of a few chilly afternoons.

Collaborating with someone on a painting for the first time is a delicate experience. It's sort of like having a conversation with someone who's name you forget. You feel you know the other person's painting so well, yet you just can't find your way in. Sometimes it ends badly, or at least awkwardly and others it finally clicks and you wish you could start back at the beginning. This time it clicked. Sure, the painting itself is no masterpiece, but I now look at Zoe's painting totally differently. The experience was not the tentative "do you mind if I" that collaborative work often is. It opened a real conversation about painting. And we're anxious to start all over again with what we've learned.